Artichoke soup with black truffles, slices of black truffle and Parmesan shavings. Layered brioche with mushrooms, spread with truffle butter. 

Thick fillet of sea bass grilled whole with the skin. Accompanied with mushrooms, chard ribs and fish stock infused with vanilla and sweet spices.

Slice of roasted loin of veal, roasted veal sweetbreads, veal-tongue crisps. Sweet and sour turnips, braised endives with lemon-tarragon notes, jus with capers.

Apples in all their guises: thin tart, compote, sorbet, apple lollipop with lemongrass and sabayon.

White chocolate orb, diced mango and aloe Vera, banana and passion fruit sorbet, hot mango sauce.

Small "Grenaille" potatoes confit in butter and cooked to produce a thin crispy exterior, arranged on a caviar vinaigrette. Crispy vanilla sponge cake with nasturtium leaves. Sabayon with smoked salt butter and potato crisps.

Prepared oysters set over an oyster purée and served with seawater jelly.

Lobster tartare cooked in lobster vinaigrette, lobster carpaccio, crisp lobster coral pancake, all seasoned with lobster vinaigrette.

Pan-fried duck foie gras served on a bed of braised endives, accompanied with a canon of braised endives stuffed with kumquat caramelised in vinegar. Duck bouillon infused with red beetroot and Japanese Genmaicha tea. Crispy rice, Guérande sea salt and red beetroot sprouts.