Apples in all their guises: thin tart, compote, sorbet, apple lollipop with lemongrass and sabayon.

Poached pear marinated in vanilla, mint and pear infusion, pear sorbet, hazelnut crisp.

Soft chocolate cake and crisp praline with chicory cream. 

Grapefruit slices coated with orange jelly, grapefruit sauce infused with Earl Grey tea.

Chocolate biscuit made with marzipan marinated in lime juice, chocolate ganache flavoured with cardamom and black pepper, served with a dark chocolate sorbet. 

White chocolate orb, diced mango and aloe Vera, banana and passion fruit sorbet, hot mango sauce.

Ice creams and sorbets; rice pudding; caramel cream; chocolate mousse; prunes in wine and spices; “diamond” shortcake; chocolate-vanilla macaroons; marshmallows; cheesecake; pies.