Thick fillet of sea bass grilled whole with the skin. Accompanied with mushrooms, chard ribs and fish stock infused with vanilla and sweet spices.

Salmon fillet marinated in olive oil and "cooked" on ice with lemon "pearls". Bok choy, chervil jelly cubes and scalding-hot consommé with lemongrass.  

Sauteed salsify and parsnip, roatsed hazelnut, wild turbot filet, light watercress jus. Salsify spaghetti poached in cardamom milk, oyster brunoise and diced turbot.

Each day, the chef chooses how he will prepare the fish, shellfish and crustacean according to his inspiration.

Glazed lobster in carrot juice and lobster consomme, carrots pearl and spring onions, Sauteed sucrine garnish with lobster elbow.